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dysfunction? incompleteness? annoyance?

In my many years of consulting in technology, I have been lucky enough to work with and observe a wide range of businesses — large, small, non-profit, successful… and less so.   I have always felt that the people who work in a business are the most interesting part of it! Often the dysfunction of a business or system within a business has much to do with a sense of incompleteness on the part of the people. People in business sometimes  feel incomplete when they lack confidence, motivation or a sense of purpose. As a coach, I can help people in business to reach fulfillment in all these areas.

There are subtle and important differences between consulting and coaching of course. In coaching, the only agenda is yours! You almost always deeply know what you need to work your way through a problem or impasse — and I’ll be there to help you clarify it for yourself and build a workable  plan for  fulfilling  your goals.

My coaching philosophy has always included a strong belief that we possess an innate deep sense of self-knowledge. There are so many things we already know — but, being human, we forget. I want to help you remember. I want to help you to provoke your own insights.

My client, Jim, contacted me frustrated with difficulties he had encountered in marketing his business. As we discussed these issues, session by session, he was able to sharpen his vision of what his business was and how to describe it to the world. But, unexpectedly, he also moved through a series of insights about how to diversify his business and how to better manage his team.  In our conversations we were able to define a set of concrete, measurable actions that would move him forward. And so he did move forward!

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cosmos ex chaos

A typical coaching module begins with a session exploring some vexation or difficulty you may be experiencing. As we deepen your exploration into yourself, we will find those blocks which can prevent the expression of your authentic self and create action plans which will help you work towards your own greatest potential.




“Talking with Ken is like having a conversation with an old friend, only better. He is a keen listener and nudges you forward with questions in a way and at a rate you can handle.”  Joann S., PhD Candidate

“Ken Russell is an enthusiastic, creative, and knowledgeable coach. He is a great listener who takes the time to ask insightful questions and understand his client’s needs before making suggestions.” —Natalie E., Freelance Writer and Clinical Social Worker

“Ken has a thorough and thoughtful approach to business analysis & planning. He asks good questions, listens well, and weighs client goals carefully. At the same time, Ken doesn’t hesitate to articulate his own insightful perspectives on a process question. I recommend him highly.”– Carol M., Visual Artist and Gallery Director